Custom Design

Most of what I do is custom and one-of-a-kind so I thought I’d take a moment to discuss how this works here at Artisan Jewelers. Creating a custom piece for the first time can be a daunting goal if you are unfamiliar with the process. Note- I do not charge for designing or wax carving. If diamonds or gemstones are needed I get them in for you to view and compare at no obligation. It could not be any easier.

Step one – consultation

First is the consultation. I like to sit down with my clients and get a feel for what they want. Some desires are specific, for example; a diamond ring with an Asscher cut diamond surrounded by round mele’. If diamonds or gemstones are called for I get a selection sent in at no obligation to you. I will walk you through the process of choosing the right stone for you.

From here we sort out some basic design elements like the overall width of the ring, material, symmetry, personal taste as far as style; modern, antique, traditional, eclectic, organic, urban baroque, contemporary filigree, fantasy or a mix.

Two – design

Next, we meet again to discuss the designs. I went to art school, so I am very hands-on. My designs are hand drawn and I am not limited to using stock images from a computer program,  which are based on existing manufactured jewelry. CAD-CAM is fun but also confining from a design standpoint. Choosing from a list of previously made jewelry and altering a few things is not my idea of custom.

Three – 3D

Once a design is chosen I carve from a solid piece of wax. You can actually try it on and this I also do by hand. It is my niche. I am faster than the machines and can create angles and curves that the machines cannot. The filigree bezel in the featured ring on the home page was carved by hand. It is a fun process and one that I have always enjoyed. A finished wax can be altered. I encourage people to be completely honest when they try on their wax model. This is the last step before a finished piece and making changes at this point is not a problem, not at all. My goal is to create a unique and stunning piece of wearable art that you will love forever.

Before and After