“Once in a Blue Moon – A look at the rare Blue Moon Diamond”

Once in a Blue moon a diamond comes along that is so beautiful (and blue) that it gets named.  The Blue Moon Diamond is a sensational 12.03-carat fancy vivid blue internally flawless diamond. It is one of the largest known fancy vivid blue diamonds in the world and it exhibits the highest possible color grading for blue. It is reported that a Hong Kong billionaire spent a stunning $48.4m buying the “Blue Moon” for his seven-year-old daughter. Lucky little girl!

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How big is 12cts? This photo shows the diamond on a woman’s hand – it must be giant on a little girl’s!

What’s the secret ingredient?

What is the secret ingredient that makes a diamond look blue? Natural fancy blue diamonds, which only account for about 0.1% of all gem grade diamonds, get their steely blue to grey color from an abundance of boron atoms trapped within the crystal lattice. Also, it shares a distinctive phenomena with the Hope Diamond – it displays strong red phosphorescence after exposure to ultraviolet light.

Diamonds can also be irradiated to artificially color them to almost any hue but these are not in the same league as the natural colored diamonds.

The diamond rough looks pretty boring before it was cut. Now imagine it covered with dirt, gray and dull. Would you even pick it up?

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What is an investment grade diamond?

An investment grade diamond is one like the Blue Moon diamond because they are rare, unique and expensive. Something about the stone must set it apart from the flock, whether it is a unique color or a fancy cut or maybe it is just especially large. Therefore, do your homework and work with a professional who understands the market and has the connections. The top three colors for investment grade diamonds, like the Blue Moon, are; blue, pink, yellow.

Yellow diamonds are far more common than either blue or pink. However, just the fact that it is a fancy grade of yellow is not enough to set it apart. Another issue that I see quite often is that when they are purchased already set – many manufacturers will add a highly polished yellow gold backing installed just below the diamond. This reflects yellow back up into the diamond and is not a true representation of the stones color.

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