30 Years of Jewelry Design

I recently commissioned Leann to make me a new wedding band. I found one of her designs in her portfolio that I really liked and picked that. It turned out beautiful and, I think, very unique. I’m thinking about having her make me a silver bracelet now.

Carol Clendenin

I have nearly a dozen of Leann’s creations, many custom designs. They garner more compliments than any other items from my collection. My only complaint is that they moved out of my area code. Apart from that–fabulous jewelry!

Claire Ortwein

Leann Feldt is Amazing at what she can do with precious gems and metals. Her creative lab is a must see!

Chris Swain

Beautiful and unique jewelry! Find or design something as unique as you!

Kristen Horler

I really enjoy working with Leann, she is currently designing a pendent for me. I love she’s sharing the process with me and makes sure I’m happy with it. I can’t wait to see my very first custom designed jewelry.

Hsin-Hsin Hu

If you want to bring your golden dreams to life come here. If you need inspiration for something really special for yourself or a gift this is also the place to come. Having this award-winning goldsmith design something with you is a unique and exciting experience, my ring is like no one else’s and I love it.

Annette Horak-Yates

Purchased my wife’s wedding ring from Artisan Jewelers, and so glad I did. Not only does my wife constantly rave about it, but so do all of her friends when she shows them…. Awesome prices, excellent customer attention, with great knowledge of the kraft. Thank you, Artisan Jewelers!

Scott Newbanks

Leann has been creating beautiful one of a kind jewelry for me since 2006. My first pieces were a white gold pendant set with seven (7) diamonds and matching earrings with deep-set diamonds (four (4) in one and three (3) in the other) to depict my birth date. I wear these pieces so often that when my young grandson drew my image he made sure to add the necklace and earrings in his drawing. Next was a beautiful two-tone ring with an emerald cut blue sapphire and three (3) inlaid diamonds on each side. I wear it all the time and it never fails to bring a multitude of compliments. I get to visit her store at least once a year and have selected a variety of pieces in her showroom. She has also created new pieces out of heirloom jewelry that belonged to my mother. I cherish having pieces that bring fond memories of my Mother to mind. Recently she made a cast from a tiny starfish shell that I found in my Mothers collection and created a sterling silver pendant that I was able to give to my granddaughter in memory of her great grandmother.
I love working with Leann she is exceptionally creative and it is obvious that she is passionate about her work. When discussing a new piece of jewelry, she respectfully elicits my preferences then shares many options from which to select. If asked, she will offer her preference and the reasons as to why it is her preference but always encourages my personal selection and honors my decision. Every piece she has created has been beyond my expectations.
Myrna Chamberlain

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